Belle BGA Pump Assembly c/w Honda Petrol PDU

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This package consists of a Honda Petrol powered Belle PDU (Poker Drive Unit) complete with a Belle BGA pump assembly. 

The Belle BGA is a heavy-duty and durable pump designed to work off a standard Poker Drive Unit (PDU).

£954.00 £795.00
RRP £1,338.00
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£954.00 £795.00
RRP £1,338.00


Max Flow Rate25,000ltr/hr
Speed Ratings2800-3600rpm
Shaft Length5m
Outlet size75mm
Pump Weight6kg
Total Weight19.5kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT)£795

The Belle PDU has a durable engine protection for added durability, which also assists with lifting, moving and transporting the unit around.

EngineHonda Petrol
Engine Power4Hp/3kW

Product Information

The BGA pump is designed to work in tough site conditions, and is capable of pumping dirty water, even when it contains small solids, abd provides the ability to lift high heads of water at excellent flow rates.

The BGA features a standard Two dog coupling, 5m flexible shaft, a 75mm outlet and a maximum flow rate of 25,000 litres per hour.

The Belle PDU (Poker Drive Unit) is a portable, robust and compact drive system designed for heavy site and rental use.

The Belle PDU is in essence a portable independent power source which can be used to drive pendulum pokers for effectively removing air from freshly laid concrete, as well as drive the Belle BGA pump system, for optimal utilisation.