Battipav 110V Universal Tub Mixer with Bucket

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The Battipav Universal Mixer 50s is excellent at mixing cement, adhesives, paints, plaster and epoxy resins. 

A pair of wheels and towing handle make this tub mixer highly portable for moving around the site.

Can mix up to 50kg/65L in the supplied tub, which itself is easy to remove and clean.

£531.00 £442.50
RRP £708.00
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£531.00 £442.50
RRP £708.00

Product Information

Easy mixing

The spinning disc lid enables your powdered ingredients to enter the tub with a centrifugal action, which means even distribution in the mix.


Comes with a pair of wheels and a towing handle to make it easy to move around site.


Great for mixing tile adhesive, plaster, paint, cement and some resins

Consistent results

The centrifugal ingredient loading and 4-pronged paddle create a homogenous paste every time