Battipav Mini Mix 1600 Hand Mixer - 110V Electric

The Mini Mix from Battipav is a European-made professional hand mixer suitable for mixing adhesives, plaster, cement, chalk and paints.

It features two gear speeds with six levels of electronic rotation speed variation. The ergonomic handle is designed to maximise user comfort and is operated at a comfortable height.

The spiral paddle cuts through mixtures of different viscosity and the wide range of speed settings means you can get a perfect mix with minimal time and effort.

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Power 2,2Hp / 1,6Kw
Helical Paddle Connection M14x2
Dimensions 80x120x126 cm
Mixing Capacity 100 Kg
Rotation Speed - Gear 1 180-380rpm
Rotation Speed - Gear 2 380-650rpm
Power Voltage 110V
Hand/Arm Vibration (HAV) 2.51m/s²
Weight (including paddle) 7.8kg
Our Price (Exc. VAT) £129.00

The new Mini Mix 1600 handheld paddle stirrer is a perfect balance of performance and value. 

Its two-speed gearbox has variable speed settings and easily maintains a constant power. Depending on what you are mixing, the flexibility of speed and power ensures you use the right settings for mixing adhesives, paint, cement or plaster. 

The dual handles are designed and positioned in a way that maximises user comfort, and the low HAV (hand/arm vibration) level of 2.51m/s² means you can keep on mixing with a minimal risk of injury.

The Battipav Minimix 1600 Stirrer is supplied with a spiral paddle with M14x2 connection as standard.

This high performance, high value hand mixer can be used in conjunction with a traditional site mixer when mixing cement, and it also works well when you need to pre-mix your adhesive or resin before transferring to a pan mixer.

When you need to clean the paddle, you can just use a clean bucket of water and set the mixer to a low speed setting for a few seconds. Alternatively, the helical paddle is removable for cleaning separately.