Battipav Masonry Saws

Battipav is an Italian manufacturer of high quality masonry and tile saws.

Battipav | Made in Italy

Italy has given us so much and oddly, a lot of what they have given to the rest of the world begins with the letter “P”. You’ve got; Pizza, Pasta, Parachutes, Pianos and of course, Porcelain. Italy is the home of natural stone, and along with the best porcelain and ceramic materials, some of the best tile saws come from Italy.

“Who are Battipav?” We hear you ask.

Battipav was founded in Italy in the 1970’s as a manufacturer of roller tile beaters for levelling ceramic tile floors. By the mid 80’s Battipav had moved into the tile cutting machine market being one of the first to include a submerged pump system into the design which is essential for lubrication of the cutting disc when cutting porcelain and ceramic.

Today the company is based in Cotignola at the heart of Italy’s porcelain and stone industry. Its factory produces over 100 products that are distributed in 90 countries around the world.

Italian Porcelain

10 years ago, Italian porcelain was just arriving in the UK as an alternative to the natural stone that tilers had been using for years. The cost of porcelain when it first came on to the market was high, but over the last few years it has dropped considerably making it a more affordable option.

Nowadays, some paving projects can cost as much if not more than the property they are supplementing.

Italy has been home to porcelain tile production since the late 80’s with groups like Caesar Ceramics buying into the idea of porcelain being a perfect material to use both inside and outside.

Porcelain Paving

Porcelain as a material is super hard wearing. It is made using a very specific clay with finely ground sand and feldspar added to the mixture. The tiles are fired at a higher temperature than ceramic which gives them their hardwearing property.

Porcelain is much denser than a natural stone making it much less porous. This makes it more suited for paving of areas with high levels of footfall. With no water absorption, the moss and mould issues faced by tilers using natural stone is eliminated.

With all the qualities listed above, the overriding theme is that porcelain is hard. Really hard.

Cutting porcelain and the best technique for doing so has been debated ever since the material hit the UK market. Professional tilers have been known to use angle grinders, abrasive blades and even block cutters. Overwhelmingly, the method we would recommend to cut porcelain and indeed ceramic flags is with an electric wet tile saw such as the Battipav VIP 2125, along with a good quality continuous rim diamond blade.

Long length Tile Saws

A paving project can be limited by the size capabilities of the machine you use for cutting. The Battipav VIP 2125 is designed with cutting long length porcelain and ceramics in mind, though it is also suitable for natural stone; meaning it could be the only radial arm/bridge tile cutter you will ever need.

The work bench itself is oversized allowing the user to cut tiles up to 1250mm in length which is so useful in today’s world of oversized slabs. The frame folds down and has wheels at one end for ease of transportation to and from site. The recirculating pump feature which Battipav were the first to introduce, provides a continuous flow to the blade ensuring constant lubrication and cooling.

The saw is adjustable making 45-degree cuts simple and accurate. The motor housing is mounted on 8 ball bearings within a stainless-steel track giving a smooth action which is unparalleled. The motor itself has a 1.8Hp or 1.4 Kw output which is one of the most powerful on the market.

The Battipav VIP is packed full of features you would only expect to find on a machine with a much higher price point.

Voltage 110V Electric
Motor power 1.4kW / 1.8Hp
Maximum Cutting Length 1250mm
Blade Capacity 200mm (8")
Maximum Cutting Depth (single pass, 90°) 40mm
Maximum Cutting Depth (single pass, 45°) 35mm
Maximum Cutting Depth (step cut, 90°) 55mm
Weight 52kg

Here at Red Band UK we do our best to bring you the most innovative machines available. We have seen every type of tile saw in our 40 years and we truly believe that the VIP 2125 is one of the best kept secrets out there and we are pleased to be working closely with Battipav to introduce it to the UK market.

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