Baron M Line Forced Action Pan Mixer

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If quality and reliability is what you are looking for, then the Baron E-Line and M-Line range of forced action pan mixersare ideal for you!

Baron forced action mixers are suitable for almost any demanding mixing job performed by professional users. All machines are designed to provide optimum efficiency, safety and durability. All components have been carefully selected based on high quality, durability and the safety of our users.

The Baron M-Line has limited availability, with the M110 and M200 versions already sold out and the M80 and M300 having limited stocks. Get the M line mixers for an unbeatable price whilst you still can! 

You can now get a Belle Promix 1600E 110V Hand Mixer for just £150+VAT or a Battipav Mini Mix 1600 Hand Mixer for just £125+VAT when you buy any Baron forced action pan mixer from Red Band. Use the drop-down menu underneath the model options.

Additionally, removable disposable drum liner kits (Easy Clean) are available as optional extras for both series of Baron mixers - significantly reducing time spent cleaning drums of built up, solidified deposits at the end of the job/hire term. **See recommended products at the bottom of the page for more details**

£1,770.00 £1,475.00
RRP £2,400.00
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£1,770.00 £1,475.00
RRP £2,400.00



Model M80 M300
Voltage 110V 415V
Motor Power 2.0kW 4.0kW
Max Drum Capacity (ltr) 80 300 
Mixing Capacity (ltr) 59 250 
Mixing Capacity (KG concrete) 75 250
Drum Speed 32rpm 32rpm 
Width 620mm 1040mm 
Height 1080mm 1380mm 
Depth 850mm 1480mm 
Weight 90kg 289kg 
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £1475.00 £3500.00

Product Information

Forced action pan mixers are suitable for almost any demanding mixing job, including concrete, screed, resin, adhesives, mortar, polymer based minerals etc, and create the fastest and most thorough mix with optimum efficiency.

Forced action mixers are ideal for a wide variety of uses across an even wider range of trades.

Quality components and durability combined with a long series of unique product details makes the M-Line the right choice for the professional demanding user. Large powerful silent motors and high quality gears ensures that your Baron M-Line mixer performs with optimum efficiency. The M-Line mixer range additionally features as standard a more exclusive design, a retractable bucket shelf and motor protection.

With a Baron mixer you get the best value for money without making any compromises on product quality, durability, efficiency and mixing performance. If you need to manage your cleaning process, there is also the Easy Clean system which helps reduce cleaning time for wet mixes.

Models of Baron M Pan Mixer

There are currently two versions of the Baron M Line forced action mixer, depending on your requirements in terms of volume and functionality. These models have limited availability.

Baron M80
• 80 litre drum capacity, 59 litre mixing capacity
• Superior surplus of power
• High quality and finish
• Exchangeable mixer shovels
• Automatic emptying of drum - fast discharging into bucket or wheelbarrow
• Robust bucket support
• Large pneumatic tyres makes the mixer easy to move around
• Easy to remove, clean and maintain the mixer head
 Baron M300
• 300 litre drum capacity, 250 litre mixing capacity
• 4.0kW (3-phase) motor with plenty of power
• Maintenance free high quality gear
• Motor protection protects the motor from dirt
• Transport arm with tow coupling
• Lifting brackets and forklift openings
• Durable drum with high wall thickness