Altrad Belle Vibratech+ High Frequency Pokers - 110V

The Belle Vibratech+ range of heavy-duty and highly reliable high frequency electric pokers are designed for use in the toughest site conditions.

They are available with a variety of head sizes from 38 to 58mm diameter and with either a 7 or 10m abrasion-resistant hose to poker head, making them ideal for deeper concrete pours. In addition, they are supplied with 15m of cable to switch for long reach from the power supply and feature an in-line convertor, thereby eliminating the need for an additional external power source.

High frequency are becoming increasingly a more favoured means of pokering newly poured concrete because they are more environmentally friendly, more efficient, produce more consistent and powerful vibrations, quieter and are easier to handle than more conventional mechanical and pneumatic (air) pokers. They also do not exhaust fumes and are therefore ideal for use in confined spaces.

Altrad Belle Vibratech+ (110V 1ph) - available in four head sizes (38, 42, 52 or 58mm diameter) and two hose lengths (7 or 10m).

Minimum 2.5kVA continuous or 5kVA intermittent supplySee our transformer guide for more info.

*52 and 58 models are available to buy with Rubber End Caps (Vibratech+ 52RC and Vibratech+ 58RC).

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  Vibratech+ 38 Vibratech+ 42 Vibratech+ 52 Vibratech+ 52RC Vibratech+ 58 Vibratech+ 58RC
Input | voltage / frequency 110V - 50/60Hz 110V - 50/60Hz 110V - 50/60Hz 110V - 50/60Hz 110V - 50/60Hz 110V - 50/60Hz
Recommended transformer
2.5kVA continuous or 5kVA intermittent*
Diameter 38mm 42mm 52mm 52mm (c/w Rubber Cap)  58mm 58mm (c/w Rubber Cap)
Head Length 330mm 348mm 382mm 382mm 410mm 410mm
Frequency V.P.M Up to 12000 Up to 12000 Up to 12000 Up to 12000 Up to 12000 Up to 12000
Centrifugal Force 1825N 2450N 3420N 3420N 5075N 5075N
Shaft Length 7 or 10m 7 or 10m 7 or 10m 7m 7 or 10m 7m
Cable Length 15m 15m 15m 15m 15m 15m
Weight 12/16kg 15/19kg 17/22kg 17kg 19/24kg 19kg
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*See our transformer guide for more info.

Belle Vibratech high frequency pokers are highly efficient and simple and easy to use. They have a sturdy design and a very reliable operation and performance.

They feature a long life motor which requires virtually no maintenance and which is sealed in a die-cast moulded aluminium housing with chamfered edges and LED operation/fault display.