Altrad Belle Roller Striker Drive Handle Kit - Hydraulic

The Belle Roller Striker is designed to strike off and finish concrete slabs quickly and easily by spinning a range of custom tubes over a defined surface area.

It has a very simple and very rapid operation. Setting up is quick and easy too, simply by connecting the hydraulically powered drive handle to one end of a roller striker tube and a pull handle to the other end of the tube, before finally connecting the drive handle to a suitable power source*.

The spinning roller action leaves aggregate near the surface resulting in a very strong floor, ready for power trowelling if required. Roller strikers are highly manoeuvrable making it easy to strike off suspended floors, slopes and very large areas.

*Altrad Belle recommend the use of a 30 litre hydraulic power pack for use with the Belle roller striker drive handle kit, like the Belle Major 30-140.

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Concrete roller strikers are highly regarded for their speed and efficiency over other more conventional screeding methods. They are also considered to be less labour intensive.