117mm Dry Diamond Core Bit

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In stock

Dry diamond core bits provide an excellent, fast, efficient and clean way of producing service entries in brick, blockwork, internall wall materials and other similar light masonry materials.

The entry/exit points (holes) produced when dry diamond drilling are more precise, cleaner than when using tungsten carbide core drills and require virtually no making good.

Using a standard, vriable speed electric drill with clutch (850W minimum), the coring action when dry diamond drilling is totally rotary, thereby reducing operating noise and vibration to a minimum. Hammer action must not be used when drilling with dry diamond cores. Dry diamond core bits can also be also be used with SDS drills.

Dry diamond core bits are ideally suited for plumbers, heating and ventilation engineers, electricians, kitchen fitters, general builders etc.

1/2" BSP (Female) back end fitting.

117mm diameter. 150mm effective drilling length.

A Hex adaptor pack is required for using on standard (jacob's chuck type) electric drills, and an SDS adaptor pack for SDS drills.