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USX18 'Eazy Saw' Diamond Blade

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Product Description:

The USX18 diamond blade has been especially designed and engineered for use with the Xpert EZ 'Eazy Saw' in order to provide the optimum balance and performance when cutting both concrete and brickwork.

USX18 diamond saw blades are a special set of thin centered, high performance, laser welded blades with thin, generously high 12mm segments and are especially designed to provide the maximum cutting production when used in conjunction with the Xpert EZ 'Eazy Saw'.

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14"/350mm Dia.£192.00£124.80
18"/450mm Dia.£358.80£233.22
21"/540mm Dia.£462.00£300.30

USX18 diamond saw blades for the EZ21 'Eazy Saw' are available in 350, 450 and 540mm diameters.

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