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Husqvarna FS4800D 30" Road Saw - 48Hp Yanmar Diesel

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Product Description:

The FS4800D is a fully self propelled, highly versatile, 3-speed, professional road saw designed which is powered by a 48hp Yanmar 4-cylinder turbocharged, liquid cooled (Tier 3) diesel engine, which is designed for mid sized jobs such as airports, highways, service work and other cutting applications where high production is a concern/requirement.


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Engine Yanmar Diesel
Power 48Hp
Maximum Blade Capacity 30"/750mm
Maximum Cutting Depth 300mm
Weight 650kg
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The FS4800D is one of the most powerful saws available of its type.

The FS4800D also features a very efficient 12 belt drive which delivers a huge 42hp at the blade spindle, enabling it to be used for a variety of mid sized sawing applications and has a maximum cutting depth of 300mm.

The FS4800D has a patented power transmission system which transmits more power to the blade shaft with optimum torque, a patented IntelliSeal blade shaft system which allows for a minimum of 500 maintenance-free hours of operation and eliminates daily greasing of bearings, a blade shft tachometer which helps the operator identify the correct blade shaft rpm for the selected blade size, a fully equipped control panel and an electric tracking system which allows the operator to make tracking adjustments with the touch of a switch whilst cutting.

• Left and right cutting capability
• Electric tracking system, allows operator to make tracking adjustments whilst cutting with the touch of a switch
• Fully equipped control panel


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