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Husqvarna K760 OilGuard Petrol Disc Cutter c/w 1 x Blade

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Product Description:

The K760 OilGuard features all the standard design features and benefits of the standard K760, but has been specially designed to prevent engine damage resulting from incorrect oil-fuel mixtures being mistakenly added.

When you order a Husqvarna K760 OilGuard from Red Band UK, not only will you receive the very latest NEW style Husqavarna K760 OilGuard saw, but you will also receive the supply of a correspondingly sized genuine Husqvarna diamond blade and furthermore free delivery too - all included in our offer price!

The blade included (completely free of charge) when purchasing a K760 from Red Band UK is for the 12" model a genuine Husqvarna Tacti-Cut S50 (12" dia.) with an RRP of £35.00 +VAT and with 14" version, a Husqvarna Tacti-Cut S50 PLUS (14" dia.) with an RRP of £80.00 +VAT.

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£574.80 inc VAT
£479.00 ex. VAT
RRP from: £990.00 inc. VAT
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  12"/300mm 14"/350mm
Engine Air-cooled 2-stroke Air-cooled 2-stroke
Displacement 74cc 74cc
Power 3.7kW 3.7kW
Maximum Blade Capacity 300mm 350mm
Maximum Cutting Depth 100mm 125mm
Weight 9.3kg 9.5kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £479.00 £515.83

The K760 OilGuard uses specially coloured OilGuard oil, designed specifically for use in industry working environments like construction sites, and has an optical detection system that indicates if the incorrect amount of the correct type of oil is present in the fuel mixture, thereby minimizing the risk of engine damage if the fuel/oil mix is wrong.

You can also use the K760 Oilguard with standard two-stroke oil by deactivating the OilGuard function, simply by pulling out the OilGuard button by the rear handle.

The NEW Husqvarna K760 OilGuard is packed with features that boost efficiency and reduce the environmental footprint - New performance you can trust, everywhere, everytime.

The K750 was the first machine in a new generation of disc cutters that have designed from the ground up, featuring DualCharge unique engine technology, a highly powerful 3.7kW engine, with emissions and good fuel economy - in simple terms, a cleaner, more efficient machine, all of which have now been taken to new heights with the launch of the NEW K760 OilGuard.

Our offer includes the supply of a Husqvarna K760 OilGuard c/w a correspondingly sized diamond blade completely free of charge!!

The K760 OilGuard features the next generation of Active Air Filtration in addition to the traditional features and benefits associated with Husqvarna power cutters. With a modified air intake nozzle, change of the actual filters and chamber leading to the paper filter, time between filter change has increased up to one year in some dry cutting applications.

In order to protect the crankcase on the K760 OilGuard, the fastening of anti vibration spring to the crank case is now done through a plastic bracket. If the machine is carelessly dropped, this bracket will act as an additional buffer. If the force is big enough, the bracket will break before the crankcase, and can easily be replaced.

* DualCharge engine produces more power, better fuel economy (20% lower fuel consumption thanks to its X-Torq engine) and up to 75% less emissions
*New Active Air Filtration - allowing up to one year

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