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Some may consider the field of diamond drilling, or core drilling as it is often alternatively referred to, as an art, a science, or both! However, sales of diamond drilling equipment and accessories continue to grow annually, as more people become encouraged to try diamond drilling for themselves. Indeed, sales of diamond drilling equipment have blossomed during the recession because costs are often now being monitored and scrutinised closer than ever before. With it, the temptation to try and provide services 'in-house', which may have historically been sub-contracted out in the past. Diamond drilling has proven to be a classic example of this train of thought, due to the moderate level of investment required to provide such services in-house. Whilst there is no real substitute for experience, in reality, even new diamond drill users can quickly become proficient, simply by learning and applying some basic principles that apply to diamond drilling, and like all things, with practice comes experience. Whilst not wishing to over simplify the subject, diamond drilling consists of two elements, dry drilling, or wet diamond drilling. More often than not, dry drilling is performed hand held to quickly and cleanly produce entries (holes) in brick and block work for pipes, small channels, cables etc installation Larger diameter holes, and/or holes to be cored in harder materials, such as concrete, concrete products, natural stone etc, are generally performed using a wet diamond drill bit and a rig mounted motor, which provides greater stability during the drilling process. However, it is worth noting that some drills motors/rig assemblies, can be used for wet and/or dry drilling applications, but equipment designed for dry drilling only, should never be used wet - after all, water and electrics are never the greatest mix, unless specifically designed otherwise. Just some of our diamond drilling products. Husqvarna produce a more targeted, more specific range of diamond drilling equipment. The DM220 is a hand held machine, with a totally new electronic positioning system, providing increased precision and drilling efficiency levels. The DM220 is designed for wet and dry use, and is suitable for use with the DS250 ATS core drill stand for more demanding applications. Similarly, Husqvarna produce the DM230, another wet or dry drilling hand held core drilling motor, with a pistol grip handle arrangement, which is suitable for use with the DS150 ATS and DS50 Gyro core drill stands. Husqvarna also produce a range of dedicated core drill rig assemblies (fixed motor and drill column), the DS160A, the DMS160AT and the larger DMS240A. For more demanding applications, the DM280 is available for use with the DS250 ATS, DS50 ATS, DS70 ATS and DS450 ATS core drill stands. For the most demanding applications of all, Husqvarna produce the DM406H, a hydraulically powered core drill motor, with even greater capabilities and performance. to drive/power the DM406H, Husqvarna produce the HP40 petrol hydraulic power pack, and the PP325 three phase electric hydraulic power pack, both of which can also be used to drive the Husqvarna K3600 hydraulic ring saw, and other sinilar hydraulically powered equipment.For applications which demand a series of repeat holes (to be drilled vertically into flat, non-pourous surfaces), the Red Band RBVP and Husqvarna VP200 vacuum pumps are an essnetial must have, eliminating the time consuming requirement to anchor bolt the drill column into positon, and significantly reducing setting up times between holes, and making good thereafter.  To assist in the wet drilling process, the use of a Husqvarna pressurised water tank, or a Husqvarna WT10B, WT15B battery powered water pump, or the Red Band PWB125 variable pressure water bowser, which is recommended so as to provide the continuous, pressurised supply of water to the business end of the diamond tool/bit when wet diamond drilling.To complete the process, why not use a Husqvarna DC1400 or a Red Band WDV7855 wet/dry, high performance industrial vacuum to assist you in clearing up, and making the minimium of mess during the actual drilling process.