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Call them what you will....disc cutters, Stihl saws, cut off saws, con saws, handsaws, power cutters, but hand held cutters in one form or another are considered to be must have essential by most elements of the construction industry.

Perhaps less well known/documented is the expansive array of hand held cutting solutions available on the market today. Saw options today are by no means limited to the conventional 12" 2-stroke petrol most will automatically think of when they think about portable hand held saws and cutting solutions.

The following brief guide and overview is designed to assist in selecting the tool that's right for you, and provide you maximum operating efficiency.

Husqvarna K3000EL The Husqvarna K3000EL is a lightweight (8.9kgs) 14"/350mm electrically powered hand held cutting with a generous 5"/125mm cutting depth, making it ideal for use indoors or in confined spaces, where petrol powered machines often can't be used because of the hazardous fumes they exhaust.

The K3000EL can also be used wet or dry, making it now possible to do smaller cutting jobs with a minimum of dust, slurry, mess and making good. An optional Vacuum Sledge is available for the K3000EL which can be attached for dry cutting applications, where dust emissions are required to be kept to the absolute minimum.

Husqvarna K760 The Husqvarna K760 is the most popular and instantaneously recognizable hand held cutter within the Husqvarna range/family. This highly versatile (74cc/3.7kW) 2-stroke machine is available with 12"/300mm or 14"/350mm blade capacities, with 4"/100mm or 5"/125mm respective maximum cutting depths. Husqvarna K970 For more demanding applications, the larger, more powerful (94cc/4.5kW) Husqvarna K970 is available with 14"/350mm or 16"/400mm blade capacities, with 5"/125mm or 6"/150mm respective maximum cutting depths.

Husqvarna KV760 and KV970 Husqvarna also produce the KV760 and the KV970 power cutter trollies, designed for use with the K760 and K970.

These trolleys provide an easy and efficient means of cutting floors etc in a continuously straight line. Husqvarna K1260 For the most demanding applications of all, the Husqvarna K1260 was born, a saw still very much in a class of its own! The K1260 is THE most powerful hand held cutter available (118cc/5.8kW), available with 14"/350mm or 16"/400mm blade capacities, with 5"/125mm or 6"/145mm respective maximum cutting depths, making it ideal for use in all types of renovations, alterations and new construction work.

More specialist saws exist within the Husqvarna range, the K1260 Rail, designed specifically for cutting rail sections, the K30, an air powered industrial cutter, perfect for use in or outdoors, where access to compressed air is available, or the even more specialised K2500, a hydraulically powered, capable of being used efficiently and comfortably for long periods of time.

Husqvarna K760 and K3000EL Cut-n-Break More innovative cutting solutions are available with the Husqvarna K760 and K3000EL Cut-n-Break, ideal for creating window and door openings, expansion joints and crack renovations, or the legendary K970RS and K3600 diamond ring saws, with legandary performance and cutting abilities.

Husqvarna also produce a comprehensive range of accessories and diamond tools to accompany their machine range, including the WT10B and WT15B Lithium-Ion battery powered water pumps, or the PWT01 plastic pressurised water tank, which provide an ideal and practical means of dust suppression on the job, the DC1400 vacuum unit, ideal for dry cutting applications, and the PP325 and HP40 hydraulic power packs, suitable for 

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