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Whatever the project and whatever the task, working within the construction industry means taking health and safety very seriously. A building site or construction project can be a hazardous place to work; large vehicles, noisy equipment, unclear walkways, working at height; they can all add up to a workplace than has the potential for serious injury. Within any construction site all workers and visitors should undertake a site induction, site managers should take this time to highlight any significant changes that have occurred on site, point out any high-risk activity taking place and also lay down the rules for working on the site. The most fundamental rule when working on a building project is the wearing of correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), for the most part this means a safety hat, high-visibility clothing and protective footwear. However, PPE should be appropriate to the task undertaken so in noisy environments ear-defenders should be worn, eye wear, gloves and a safety harness might also be applicable when working in particular environments. Another way to minimise risk is to ensure the right equipment is being used for the job, and wherever possible using machinery to undertake hard-physical work rather than labourers, to prevent possible injury. Take for example cutting hard concrete or slabs, done manually the process is time consuming and physically demanding with risk of muscle injury, loose chippings which could hit the eyes or dust inhalation. By using a slab saw the work can be undertaken in a more controlled manner, seeing slabs split into the desired size with a lowered injury risk to the worker. Here at Red Band we pride ourselves on our high-level of customer care and expert product knowledge and with free delivery on orders over £350 there’s no better time to invest in your workforce.